Each of us, no matter which age, job or social status can help today’s generation and future generations to initiate and back sustainable economic and social developments according to the principle ‘Be the change you would like to see in the world’. To support positive change shows the willingness to take over responsibility for oneself and others.

The Entrepreneurship Summit ‘Global Goals’ offers the possibility to learn from best practice examples and it wants to encourage people to help shape the next practice. It combines sustainability with entrepreneurship and refers to the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) of the United Nations. Under the title ‘Transforming our World’: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ an ambitious and future-oriented resolution was passed on 25 September 2015 by the UN General Assembly. 193 states signed this UN action plan which includes specific objectives for sustainable development until 2030 – for all humans, for our planet, for more prosperity, for universal peace and for a global partnership which facilitates the implementation of this agenda.

‘We are determined to eradicate the tyranny of poverty and deprivation for all mankind and to heal and protect our planet. We are determined to take these bold and transformative steps which are urgently required to drive the world forth on the path of sustainability and resilience. On our common journey which we are starting today we promise not to leave anybody behind.’ That is one of the first statements in the draft of the outcome document of the UN Summit of New York 2015.


The 15th Entrepreneurship Summit takes place on 16 November 2017 in ‘Haus der Industrie’ on Schwarzenbergplatz according to the motto ‘Global Goals’. This year we offer an ‘Entrepreneurial Guided Tour’ on 15 November 2017 at 2pm and a reception in the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education at 5pm. Side events take place from 13 November till 17 November 2017.

Overview of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017
Full program of the summit including all the sideevents

Overview of the 15th Entrepreneurship Summit
Full program of the 15th Entrepreneurship Summit

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The program of the 15 Entrepreneurship Summit Vienna again promises exciting discussions and inspiring lectures. Teachers can register for the Summit on ph online (registration number 8730.069) or per email to claudia.muell@kphvie.ac.at. Young people and interested people can register using the Excel-Sheet for the Summit at johannes.lindner@kphvie.ac.at.